Welcoming to All Friends, Old and New!!

Welcoming to All Friends, Old and New!!

Long time no see, dear friends! As we step into November, we are thrilled to announce the official opening of Artgala's brand-new YM Gallery! We've undergone a comprehensive upgrade to our framing design and fine art printing production space, as well as our art exhibition space, all to offer you an even more exceptional art experience.

Our original location (Unit 15-110 West Beaver) remains intact and continues to serve as a dedicated hub for framing design and fine art printing production. Additionally, the new YM Gallery (Unit 13-100 West Beaver) has made its grand debut, now serving as a hub for design, gallery exhibitions, and artistic exchange. Both spaces share a parking lot, allowing you to conveniently visit both locations in one go. The new YM Gallery will feature periodic exhibitions, and we are proud to announce that we've signed with numerous high-caliber professional artists from the East and the West, bringing you a wider spectrum of art.

Furthermore, our art space offers a wide array of services, including venue rentals, event planning, cultural activities, salons, meetings, and more. If you are interested in these services or wish to learn more details, please feel free to contact us. We eagerly look forward to the opportunity of working with you. We sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and eagerly anticipate providing you with a more remarkable art experience in our all-new YM Gallery.


The latest culture salon event at YM Gallery.

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