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Art Gala Inc

Picture Frame Maple 1"

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- One frame fit 2 sizes of picture, For example: for 20x30 inch frame, the poster size can be 20x30 inch without mat, or 16x24" with mat window;                                          -1 inch width modern maple colour frame nicely display art prints, posters, photos, and more
- The non-breakable Acrylic Plexiglass protects your picture, light and clear;
- Professional foam core backing to support the picture flat and neat,                            - Easy to change pictures with the removable backing,                                                  - -Each frame comes with hanging part including D-Rings,wall hook and nail
- Made in Canada. Great value & lowest price. Decent, high quality frame to display your arts, make sure they won't be downgraded!                                                              -The frame can fit your poster in both orientation: Horizontal or vertical,
- Picture is not included.