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Acrylic Print (Face Mounting)

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Acrylic Print Face Mounting

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Office SuppliesCrystal Clear and Sharp Vibrant Print, the most popular finishing style recommended  by photographers: to display for exhibition, for gallery or for art lover's home.

We use Epson luster or glossy photo paper to print the image, then face mounted on the acrylic panel with high clarity film, and back mounted on high quality aluminum panel.

Modern, Trendy and super clean edges.

The print out is much sharper than print directly on acrylic panel.

Hanging part: by default, we have black frame firmly attached on the back of the aluminum panel with wire. Optional part upon request s standoff screws on four corners. No extra charges, please specify when place order!

The Quick Order Print is for those who knows exactly what they need and save your time, such as returned customers, designers or those from art studios. So please email us your images after checking out. The image file's name should be your name for us to recognize easily.

If you are new and not so familiar about printing, you can go to Upload & Order Print