Silk Scarf Frames Product Descriptions

Silk Scarf Frames Product Descriptions

The scarf is removable. You can display it in the frame and you can peel it off from the frame freely without any damage like new. Because we use Hi-Tech & Museum quality materials for mounting and framing.

The scarf is 100% flat after mounting.

Frame: quality solid wood, either gold leaf or lacquered, Canadian or Italian made.

2-layer of quality mat board to present the scarf nicely and gives protections. It creates the space between glass and scarf, no direct touching. Of course, you can add more layers and chose colours as per your designs, price may differ.

Ultravue art glass is recommend: crystal clear but no reflection, like no glass on it. 70% UV block makes you scarf last much longer.

Clear plexiglass is also very clear and light and not easy to be broken and less cost.